Our Story

Retreat Box first started recording their retreats in 2021 when wellbeing practitioners Catherine Godbolt and Ingela Doyle were unable to deliver their therapeutic treatments (Belgravia, Mayfair and Richmond) to their London clientele. Realising the very human need for something physical to touch and hold and how useful that physicality is to access the present moment where calmness lives, they began searching for small local suppliers to produce beautiful items to accompany their videos. They carefully sourced suppliers that shared their environmental values and brought together combinations of products that created an extra special ambience for their customers when they logged in to watch their retreat.

In 2022 Retreat Box launched and has improved the lives of women and men who realised their need for proper self-care and how investing a small amount of time in oneself can elevate your state of mind and improve quality of life. If you want to see how fabulous our retreats are check out our reviews!

We are thrilled to have grown into a business that now offers wellbeing workshops in collaboration with specialist performance company Peak Dynamics and live retreats. Our aim is to continue to grow and explore areas of the world where people can retreat so that our clients can find out a little bit more about themselves whilst being cocooned in beautiful surroundings.

We love how we are all so different yet fundamentally so similar. So we live by the mantra that learning and listening to the inner-self is the greatest adventure of them all. We are excited to be able to offer you the time and a nurturing space so that you can do the

About us

Catherine Godbolt has a background in chiropractic and craniosacral therapy. She worked alongside GPs in Belgravia for more than 20 years. Her treatments are in a league of their own. Her touch is gentle and she works intuitively creating balance between the structural and energetic aspects of the human being.

Catherine brings to Retreat Box her profound knowledge of the nervous system. Included in the retreats are her tips and techniques on how to alleviate stress and how to avoid being thrown into automatic survival mode when encountering stress.

Ingela Doyle is a Reiki teacher and practitioner. She holds a post graduate diploma in psychoanalytic observational studies from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and has a very good understanding of the unconscious workings of the mind. Ingela has been treating clients using a combination of talking therapy, healing and sound.

The mixture of traditional academic and alternative insights she’s gained over the years form the pillar of mental wellbeing within Retreat Box.