I suffered a small stroke which came out of nowhere, and suddenly was thrown into being able to do nothing. It was a really stressful time. When I did the Retreat Box, it was so grounding. I could do it anytime, anywhere. It completely relaxed me. I tried quite a few things, and it was the only thing that really worked. 

Kate Maravan

As a woman who is busy looking after other people, it is so important to look after yourself! This is a really lovely way to do it. I highly recommend it!

Joanne Jong

Creative consultant and artist

Retreat Box has certainly managed to condense an incredibly effective retreat for your mind and soul that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. The combination of items that you receive and the recorded guided mediations really are a lovely tool kit that enables you to relax and reconnect. The voices are incredibly soothing. Usually I get can distracted by accents and delivery but their tone was perfect. Loved it.


I recently suffered a life threatening condition. It has been a frightening time for me. Retreat Box was given to me by a friend. The box is such a lovely thing to receive and I find their voices really comforting. I have made it my daily practice during my recovery to do the meditation in it. It makes me feel so much calmer.