Let Retreat Box lead the way

Retreat Box  can be used as part of your Environment, Social and Governance criteria or Employee Wellness Programmes. A simple and effective way to ensure each of your team invests in their self-care. The recipients find a quiet space for a short time – we provide everything else.

Staff happiness and team spirit are at the heart of a successful business. A sense of belonging and support are essential for employee satisfaction.

Retreat Box  is a low cost mental wellbeing product series that uses scientific, ready to go self-care techniques.

Elegantly simple, our boxes can be delivered to your office or fit safely through the letterboxes of your employees. No extra packaging, no extra car trips to the depot. Neat and sustainable.

Rolling the  Retreat Box series out to your workforce is a grassroots way of showing you care. With the benefit of the latest scientific research on wellbeing, we integrate our expertise to provide tips on managing stress and anxiety.

We appreciate the time and cost involved in training a new employee. We can help… Research shows that self-care builds resilience and the Retreat Box is a practical and nurturing offering that fosters a motivated, loyal and stable workforce.

We offer a retreat programme designed for your organisation to look after your employees throughout the year. Regular Retreat Box interventions help maintain positive mental wellbeing in your workplace. You can choose from a variety of retreats that can be woven into your annual wellbeing budget.