What’s Included


Physical box sent directly to your home


60-minute retreat video with 60-day access via unique QR code


Tips on creating a calming atmosphere in your own space


Practical techniques on how to relax and self-regulate


Guided meditation that you can follow as and when you please


Science-backed expert coaching with 30+ years combined experience

Choose your box

Appearance and contents of box may vary

Mini - £29

Our Mini box contains raw beeswax candles with a handmade holder, delicious artisan tea and a beautiful palm stone crystal for the hand or pocket.

Appearance and contents of box may vary

Compact - £35

Our Compact box contains everything in the Mini box plus calming essential oil pulse point roller and hand-dipped bamboo incense sticks.

Appearance and contents of box may vary

Ultra - £49

Our Ultra box contains everything in the Compact box plus a 100% linen lavender eye pillow to provide aromatherapy and relaxation.

Choose your retreat

Retreats consist of a personal link to pre-recorded coaching, useful coping tips and techniques and guided a meditation. Listen little and often, or when you have an hour; enjoy some proper me-time! Retreats are available for 60 days once activated by you.


Explore the benefits of breathing correctly. Through your breath, you can access a calm and connected state; anytime, anywhere

Down to Earth

Explore how to ground yourself, connect with nature and our planet. Manage spinning thoughts and improve focus


Where the heart meets longevity. A retreat about the importance of self-acceptance


Get that good night’s sleep that you dream of! Restful sleep is needed for a clear and alert mind during the day