Show your staff some loving care

Remember that warm’n’fuzzy childhood feeling of coming home from a long day to a hot chocolate and a hug? Now you can give your employees that feeling of care with wellbeing treats and virtual embraces all beautifully wrapped up in a box.

In these challenging times, the wellbeing of your employees is crucial for business to thrive. Retreat Box provides a physical and educational solution to the mental stresses and anxiety that are commonplace in the workplace today. Our expertise in wellbeing can support your staff in an efficient and nurturing way.

Employees experience a feeling of being supported and gain a reconnection with themselves so they can not only carry on but be their best.

We have created a cocoon of wellbeing for you to retreat into. Everyone loves to feel valued, more at peace and have the opportunity to recharge.

Retreat Box gives your staff the incentive to invest time in their self-care, something most busy people overlook. With this new and practical nurturing approach to wellbeing, employees are encouraged to create a space of calm in their own home or office with the beautiful nature inspired items from their box.

The scientifically based and meditative retreat is accessed via a code in the box that links to our website. The uniquely enjoyable immersive experience lasts under an hour and will help calm and centre the individual, creating breathing space. Each participant is provided with useful educational techniques and information on how to manage stress and lessen anxiety.

Why choose Retreat Box


The founders have applied 30 years of experience in wellbeing to bring you the ultimate short retreat experience. We know how to open the door to go into yourself in order to return to your best self. We believe that we all deserve to take time out and discover our best selves.

We’re supported by the latest scientific research on wellbeing and we’re integrating our expertise in wellbeing with tips on managing stress in the workplace. This means a little regular retreat translates into improved motivation and better performance at work. Fuel your inner brilliance!

The retreat items in our boxes are inspired by nature and are locally sourced wherever possible. We bring the physical sensation of retreat right into your safe space through the five senses. The experience is an altogether immersive boost into wellbeing.